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Is there an on/off switch as noted in the Use and Care Safeguards?

No. The Use and Care Safeguards section covers standard UL requirements. These grills don't need an on/off switch. Simply remove the cord from the outlet, then disconnect the prong from the grill.

What are the 2 cooking surfaces?

A standard grilling surface and a solid surface.

What type of coating is on the grill?

The coating is an industry standard nonstick coating (fluorocarbon).

Is the unit dishwasher safe?

Yes, the grill and the drip tray (base) are dishwasher safe. (This does not apply to the MealMaker Express? - only its drip tray is dishwasher safe.)

What is that silver coating on the drip tray?

The silver coating (if on your model) is a heat-reflective paint.

What is the drip tray (base) made of?

Phenolic, a hard plastic that is heat resistant, or aluminum (depending on your model).

What is the cooking grid made of?

Die cast aluminum with a nonstick coating.

Can a degreaser be used to clean the grill?

Yes, our Home Economist tested, and it proved to ease the cleanup process and not harm the grill or base.

Can I purchase a variable temperature setting plug to replace my standard plug?

If your grill came with a standard plug, a variable temperature plug cannot be used.

Can aluminum foil bags be used on the grill?

Yes, and the bags make cleanup easy. Make sure to turn the bag over at least once halfway through the cooking cycle to prevent burning.

Why do the instructions request that I unplug the power cord from the outlet first and then unplug it from the unit?

As a safety precaution, units that do not have on/off switches should be unplugged from the outlet first.

Example: If the cord was unplugged from the unit and it was dropped on a wet surface, it would be unsafe. If the cord was first unplugged from the wall outlet, there would not be a safety hazard.

How long should I preheat the grill before cooking on it?

At least five minutes.

Can I cook meat on the top half of the MealMaker Express? when it is folded open?

Yes, our Home Economist has cooked up to 6 hamburgers at one time on the top half. However, bear in mind that the top half does not have a drip tray so fatty meats should be avoided in case there are significant grease drippings. We recommend this area be used for vegetables, eggs, breads, etc.

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