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Can I use vegetables as well as fruits in my juice extractor?

Yes, vegetables can be used in the juice extractor.

Do I have to peel and take the seeds out of the fruit first?

It depends on the type of fruit. Citrus fruit must be peeled first; with all other types of fruit, it's not necessary. Also, only large pits found in certain fruits like peaches must be removed first.

Can I use frozen vegetables and fruits?

In order to achieve optimum juicing you should thaw your vegetables and fruits prior to juicing. Thawed vegetables and fruits produce the most juice.

Do I have to stop periodically to let the motor cool down?

It is a good idea to allow the motor to cool during juicing. The main thing to do to optimize juicing is to ensure that the basket area and pulp bin are cleaned often, because this is what slows the juicer down and causes the motor to heat up.

How do I remove food stains from the juice extractor?

Acids in various foods will cause discoloration, this is normal.
Helpful Hint:

Add about 1/2 cup bleach to dish water and allow external parts to soak. This will remove most stains.

The model 67150 Juice Extractor has a pulp bin/container and a juice container. How do I tell the two apart?

The pulp bin/container is 9 tall and has a handle at the bottom. The juice container is 6 tall and will fit inside the pulp bin/container for storage.

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