Hand Blenders

A hand blender, also known as an immersion blender, emulsion blender or stick blender, is a go-to tool for any kitchen. Great for tasks like beating eggs, whipping cream or mixing salad dressing, Proctor Silex® hand blenders can also be used directly in a pot or pan, so they’re ideal for blending gravy, soups and sauces. Few kitchen tools are more versatile or convenient—there’s no need to transfer ingredients into a blender jar or dirty extra dishes. With 2 speeds, an ergonomic design and a 5-foot cord, our stick blenders are simple to use, and their stainless-steel blades make cleanup a snap. These handy, compact appliances also store easily in a kitchen drawer.

Hand Blenders +
  • Conveniently blend, mix, puree, and whip with one versatile tool
  • Blend in the cooking pot and other containers
  • Simple to use with 2 speeds and easy-grip design
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Discover the value of simplicity

What makes Proctor Silex kitchen appliances simply better? Our high-quality, easy-to-use appliances give you exactly what’s essential, every time. No frills, no fuss, no guesswork, no surprises. Just what you need, when you need it.


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