2-Slice Toaster, Silver - 22302
wide slot 2-slice, (silver)
Model: 22302
  • Evenly toast both sides of bread with Sure-Toast One-Slice technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect bagels every time
  • Easily retrieve smaller breads with Toast Boost
  • Customize your toast with shade selector with 7 shades, and an integrated cancel button
  • Effortlessly toast thicker breads in the extra-wide slots
  • Designed to last and look great for years to come — made from durable, thicker, high-quality materials

Dimensions (inches): 7.6 H x 6.6 W x 10 D


The Proctor Silex® 2 Slice Toaster is the durable, high-quality, user-friendly toaster you’ve been looking for. It has all the great features you want to perfectly toast your favorite breads, without extras you don’t need. Every feature on this toaster has been thoughtfully designed for high performance and convenience. It has simple, intuitive controls, and fewer parts to wear out, to efficiently toast bread in your kitchen year after year. It’s even backed by a lengthy 3 year limited warranty. Sure-Toast™ One-Slice technology ensures every slice of bread you toast looks as good as it tastes. Sure-Toast™ evenly toasts both sides of bread, whether toasting 1 or 2 slices. Say goodbye to toast burnt on one side and under-cooked on the other. The bagel function perfectly toasts bagels with a crunchy cut side and soft, warm rounded side. Toast Boost lifts smaller breads higher so they’re easier to retrieve, while extra-wide slots fit thicker breads like Texas toast and bagels. The front-access, pullout crumb tray makes cleanup easy, and the shade selector has 7 toast shades and integrated cancel button. This must-have toaster looks great too — with a timeless design, clean lines and curves, that are always in style.

Evenly Toast a Single Slice
With the Sure-Toast technology, you get perfectly toasted bread, with balanced color and texture on both sides, even when toasting a single slice. Just press the One Slice button.

Easy to Clean
The crumb tray is easily accessible from the front of the toaster so it's easy to remove to discard crumbs. The toaster finish is also smudge-free to easily wipe clean.

Perfect Bagels Every Time
The bagel function perfectly toasts bagels for a great bagel-eating experience every time. Bagels come out crunchy and toasted on the cut side and warm and soft on the other.

Easily Retrieve Smaller Breads
Toast Boost lifts smaller breads like English muffins so they're easier to retrieve after toasting.

Customize Your Toast Shade
Use the shade selector to make lighter or darker toast. Choose from 7 toast shades. Simply press the cancel button to stop the toast cycle and get your toast. No need to wait!

Effortlessly Toast Thicker Breads
The toast slots are extra-wide to easily fit thicker breads like Texas toast and bagels.

Designed to Last & Look Great
The toaster is made of durable, high-quality materials with a quieter chassis and bread lifter. With a timeless design and clean lines and curves, it will look great and make perfect toast in your kitchen for years to come. It's backed by a 3 year limited warranty.


Discover the value of simplicity

What makes Proctor Silex kitchen appliances simply better? Our high-quality, easy-to-use appliances give you exactly what’s essential, every time. No frills, no fuss, no guesswork, no surprises. Just what you need, when you need it.


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