Extend the life of your coffee maker with this simple cleaning routine

Extend the life of your coffee maker with this simple cleaning routine

What makes a great cup of coffee? Perfectly ground coffee beans, fresh water and a quality coffee maker are essential. But using a clean coffee machine is just as important. That’s because yeast, mold and mineral deposits can make drip coffee come out weak or bitter. Fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to clean a Proctor Silex® drip coffee maker, and regular cleanings extend the longevity of these already durable kitchen appliances.

If better coffee and a longer-lasting coffee maker aren’t enough incentive to get into the habit of regular cleanings, consider this: the reservoirs of coffee makers are among the top 10 germiest places in the home. We’re all more concerned with cleanliness these days, so why not start with your your coffee maker?

The best coffee maker is a clean coffee maker

There are two types of cleaning for your drip coffee maker, daily cleaning (or after each use) and monthly cleaning and descaling to remove mineral deposits, yeast and mold. Everyday cleaning is pretty intuitive, though instructions are included with your appliance: unplug the machine; wash the carafe, carafe lid and filter basket by hand or on the top shelf of the dishwasher; wipe the outside of the machine with a soft damp cloth. Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleansers.

coffe cleaning with vinegar

For monthly cleaning and descaling

  1. Add 2 cups of plain white vinegar to the water reservoir.
  2. Make sure the (empty) filter basket is in place to prevent splashing.
  3. Press the ON (I/O) button. After 30 seconds, press OFF (I/O) to stop the brewing process— this ensures the vinegar is in the components of the coffee maker and can get to work on descaling.
  4. Wait 30 minutes.
  5. Press ON (I/O) again and complete the brewing process with the vinegar. Press OFF (I/O) when finished.
  6. Run 2 to 3 more brew cycles with clean water only, allowing the machine to cool between cycles.

For a Single-Serve Coffee Maker, the instructions are similar but call for different amounts of vinegar and water, typically 1/2 cup each during the initial descaling cycle. Consult your model's Use and Care Guide.

Keep up with regular monthly cleanings and your coffee maker will continue brewing fresh, delicious coffee for years to come.

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