Make your coffee maker "smart" with a simple plug

How to choose the right speed on your hand mixer.

Ever wanted to cry out for your morning coffee? Since most of us lack a waitstaff at home, the next best thing to being served coffee on demand is simply brewing coffee on command. With a smart home system and a smart plug, just say “make coffee!” and hear the coffee maker begin to gurgle and brew.

This is the good news for the many among us who can’t get started in the morning without a cup of joe: coffee on command is no longer futuristic or complicated. In fact, it’s easy to add a smart plug to a switch coffee maker and, voila, it’s a smart coffee maker. This is definitely an example of simpler being better: Coffee makers with digital switches or auto-on and auto-off functionality are not compatible with smart plugs. Only a coffee maker with an mechanical on/off switch will connect properly to a smart home system.

The best coffee maker is one that listens

If the smart home system is already in place, adding a coffee maker is easy. Just follow these steps:

There are certainly other ways to get to coffee on command, but most of them are more expensive than this simple fix. To wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, purchasing a programmable coffee maker is another affordable option, though it’s necessary to decide the brew time before going to bed. For people who drink their coffee at the same time every day, this is a fine option. But for those who follow a less predictable schedule, a smart coffee setup is the way to go. Besides, it’s nice to start the day in command, knowing your voice has been heard.

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