How to choose between plastic and glass blenders

How to choose between plastic and glass blenders.

hand mixer cookie batterMost of us are particular about how we like our beverages, soups and sauces prepared, and some folks even have strong preferences about the containers in which these items are made and served. Blenders with plastic jars are more prevalent nowadays, but blenders with glass jars are still popular. What’s the difference?

Spoiler alert: in the end it really comes down to personal needs and preferences. Plastic jars are lighter and therefore better for blending large batches, but they also can absorb odors and become stained or scratched after extended use. Glass jars are heavier but less likely to retain food smells, and they won’t discolor or scratch over time. So which to pick?

If the blender is most likely to be used by someone with weak or arthritic hands, a blender with a plastic jar is clearly the better choice. Also, for anyone who frequently serves a big group or likes to prepare drinks or sauces in large batches, a plastic blender jar is the way to go. But if the blender is most likely to be used for making smoothies or frozen drinks, a high-power blender with a glass jar might be better because glass is less likely to be scratched by ice. If darkly colored concoctions like green smoothies or blueberry puree are often on the menu, a glass blender jar won’t stain and might be the superior choice. Glass blender jars are sturdier and more pleasing to the eye, but they’re also more likely to break if dropped on a hard floor.

Whether plastic or glass wins out, Proctor Silex® blenders feature sturdy, dishwasher-safe jars and blades for easy clean-up. And all of our plastic blender jars are made with PBA-free materials.

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