Baking more? A hand mixer with a DC motor saves time and effort

How to choose the right speed on your hand mixer.

What’s a DC motor and why does it matter in a kitchen mixer? In a nutshell, a DC (direct current) motor is more powerful than an AC (alternating current) motor and tackles hard-to-mix ingredients better. Compared with AC motors, DC motors offer 15% more torque — the rotational force that moves objects around. Because the current is direct rather than alternating in a mixer with a DC motor, the appliance also runs at more consistent speeds. And despite their superior power, handheld mixers with DC motors are also quieter than their AC counterparts. With all of these benefits, it’s not surprising that the commercial mixers used in bakeries and restaurants feature DC motors.

hand mixer cookie batterSo why would anyone need a mixer with a DC motor for home use? Bakers who make cookies, bread or large amounts of anything (cake, muffins, frosting, etc.) on a regular basis can save time and effort by using an electric mixer with a DC motor. For the occasional baker, a handheld mixer with an AC motor may be a good fit, and AC-motor mixers are also lighter and generally less expensive than DC-motor mixers. But for the budding home baker working with cookie or bread dough, the best hand mixer is one with a DC motor, like this 5-speed hand mixer from Proctor Silex®, which will take your baking to the next level.

One last note— just because hand kitchen mixers with DC motors are powerful, don’t fret about using them at home. Although the current flowing from electrical outlets in homes around the world is alternating current (AC), mixers with DC motors will work in AC homes. A power inverter, usually inside the motor housing, converts alternating current from the electrical outlet to direct current that the DC motor can use. No adaptor needed, and no worries. Just more torque for cookie dough, sourdough batter and other hard-to-mix ingredients.

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