How to choose the right speed on your hand mixer

How to choose the right speed on your hand mixer.

Selecting the right speed on your hand mixer is a little like choosing the right tempo to play a piece of music—go too fast or too slow and the finished product doesn’t turn out quite right. And if you’re mixing up cake batter, the wrong speed could result in a sugary mix flung across the kitchen. For the best results and a cleaner kitchen, it pays to get acquainted with the settings on your handheld mixer.

All hand mixers are programmed with multiple speed settings that determine how fast the beaters turn. One rule of thumb to follow: never start your handheld mixer on the highest setting. Instead, start on the slowest setting and then adjust to the speed needed for the task. In general, low speeds are for mixing and folding while higher speeds create a smooth and creamy consistency.

Quality hand mixers offer at least 5 speeds—here’s a basic guide to selecting the right setting:

  1. LOW for mixing/folding ingredients for muffins, quick breads, etc.
  2. LOW-MED for cream, butter, sugar, and most cookie doughs.
  3. MED for most packaged cake mixes.
  4. MED-HIGH for frosting and mashed potatoes.
  5. HIGH for beating egg whites or whipping cream.

Now that using an electric mixer is no longer a mystery, get a better 5-speed hand mixer and choose the tempo that will make your dough, batter, frosting and whipped cream positively sing.

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